Marker Making

Marker Making: "getting it cut"

A marker is the cutting layout for each style. Small sample size only markers are the first step until a style is approved. Once a style has been approved and graded a production marker is created. The marker is determined by the cutting ratio and fabric width. As an easy example: style A is being cut in S M L if equal amounts of each style are being cut the ratio is 1-1-1 if there are more amounts of a particular size the ratio changes for example 1-2-1 means there are 2 mediums for each small and large. The important factor is to keep quanties consistent an order of 2,3,1 is a cutting dilemma, no sizes can be combined on the one marker. Just adding another large changing to 2,3,2 makes a huge difference. Small and large can now be combined on one marker reducing cutting costs and increasing fabric yield. To put all three sizes in one marker ( further reducing costs) the ratio would have to be further adjusted, adding another medium changes ratio to 2-4-2 -Going back to a standard 1-2-1.